PHARMACIE DE L'ESPLANADE - 6 Espl. de l'Europe, 95100 Argenteuil, France


6 Espl. de l'Europe, 95100 Argenteuil, France



la Pharmacie PHARMACIE DE L'ESPLANADE vous accueille au 6 Espl. de l'Europe, 95100 Argenteuil, France.

Toute l'équipe de PHARMACIE DE L'ESPLANADE sera ravie de vous accueillir et vous faire profiter de son expertise.

COVID: Masques, Gel hydroalcoolique, Test. Renseignez-vous

Les horaires d'ouvertures sont:

Lundi 09h00 19h30
Mardi 09h00 19h30
Mercredi 09h00 19h30
Jeudi 09h00 19h30
Vendredi 09h00 19h30
Samedi 09h00 19h00
Dimanche Fermé
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The staff in this pharmacy are usually nice and professional but today this lady always in a black head scarf(I presume a staff) was very rude and discriminatory towards me. Apparently they mistakenly had on their record I had credited a vaccine in February(which I verified on my bank app and was actually paid for) so after my purchase today she added it to my bill raising her voice and insisting I verify with my bank if the payment went through as I claimed. I had an appointment so I declined and came back right after to show her the debit on my account from 4/02. This rude and insolent girl couldn’t have the decency to apologize and was rather pinning it on her colleague who was absent. Being embarrassed for an error on your part is highly unacceptable. I’d rather use the other pharmacies in the area since they treat customers with respect and resort to this one when need be. She needs to learn some manners, professionalism and be humble enough to apologize when she’s at fault.

Emilie M.

Emilie M.


Naddoucha N.

Naddoucha N.